How To Socialize a Shiba Inu

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There are many things you can do to socialize a Shiba Inu.

  • A Shiba Inu will be more likely to get along with another dog if they’re introduced at a young age.
  • If you have the time, try taking your dog for short walks around the neighborhood and introducing him to new people and other dogs.
  • Allow your pup to explore new spaces without hesitation or intimidation. If a situation becomes too overwhelming, always remove them from the space and use calming methods like food or toys.
  • If you have a Shiba Inu that has to be around other pets, try to monitor any interactions closely. Always ensure that everyone is getting along well and being friendly with each other.

Shiba Inus are very independent dogs and can become easily stressed and upset if they’re put in stressful situations. To avoid this, try not to push them too far away from their comfort zone if they don’t seem comfortable. Always allow your dog time to warm up on their own terms before doing anything else.
As always, please remember to monitor your dog closely when they’re exposed to new situations. If you notice that a situation is too overwhelming, remove them from the space and use calming measures like food or toys.

Do not over-expose them to any new situations. Always be careful before giving them a second chance in any new environment as it may result in a stressful event.

If they’re extremely agitated or scared, do not try to force them into any situation. It’s always better to take them out of the new space, even if they’re agitated. This is only recommended for beginners who are trying to get their dog used to new situations.

Make sure that they don’t feel scared or embarrassed by any socializing experiences. The best way to do this is by making sure that they’re comfortable with the people and dogs you’re introducing them to. Therefore, it is important that you socialize them in a positive way.

Attend Obedience Class

A good way to start is to attending an obedience class. This will get your dog used to being around other people and dogs.

Ensure that your dog is 100% comfortable around the people and dogs that you’re introducing them to. If they’re not, you may want to postpone the introduction until you notice that your dog is comfortable with them. This will enable them to feel less anxious about meeting new people or dogs.

If you’re unable to attend an obedience class and you want to socialize your Shiba Inu, try to get a volunteer from the class who could take them out on walks.

This will ensure that they are exposed to different sights, sounds, scents and people without being overstimulated. They will also make sure that they have methods of calming themselves down if they feel uncomfortable in any situation and can use these as a way of communicating effectively with friends or family members if it becomes too overwhelming.


A great way to socialize you Shiba is to schedule regular playdates with friends. Instead of taking them out to new locations, schedule playdates in areas that are familiar to them. This will ensure that they’re comfortable in their surroundings and can feel safe without being overwhelmed by new locations. Any time you’re trying to socialize a Shiba Inu, it is very important that you are present with them. This will ensure that if they feel uncomfortable in a situation, they can get away safely or express their discomfort to you.

Choose a few dog friends your Shiba interacts with frequently and try to schedule playdates with them. These are the most important friends as they will be spending the most amount of time with your Shiba Inu. It’s important that you have a good relationship with these people, as they will as well as you be teaching your Shiba good behaviors and social skills.

Take Your Shiba To The Dog Park

Our Shiba girl loves going to the dog park, she even knows the way by herself.
The dogpark is a great location to socialize your dog. It’s a great way for them to interact with other dogs and develop skills like socialization, being around other people and learning how to play with others. However, if you’re going to take your dog to the dog park, it’s very important that you are there with them. This will ensure that they are safe in any situation and that they know how to get away from any uncomfortable situations. It’s usually recommended that your dog socialize and play with dogs in it’s own size, this will ensure that they’re still comfortable being around them.

If your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs easily, it’s quite possible that they may start to feel uncomfortable. It’s best to segregate your dog and other dogs by size, age or breed. Ensure that all interactions between your Shiba Inu and the other dogs are handled in a positive manner. Always remove them from any situation if they start feeling too overwhelmed by it.

It’s better to leave the dog park and try again another day then to force your dog into any uncomfortable situations. Some dogs may find dog parks overwhelming or scary, this is not uncommon for Shiba Inus.

If you’re taking a puppy to the dog park, it’s very important that you monitor them closely and ensure that they’re comfortable in any situation before doing anything else. It’s also important that you don’t over-expose them to any new environments or dogs as it may result in a stressful situation if they aren’t comfortable with it.

Go For a Walk Before Entering The Dog Park

It’s also recommended to take your dog for a walk before going to the dog park . This way they have time to let loose and calm themselves down if they feel overwhelmed. Ensure that the walk is not too long, as you need to ensure that your dog is comfortable before going to the dog park.

If your Shiba Inu gets into a fight with another dog, be sure to separate them immediately. Take a break from the activities and try again when they feel comfortable around each other.

Any training classes are a great way for your Shiba Inu to socialize with other dogs and people. It’s important that you select a class with dogs of their size, so that they don’t feel threatened or intimidated.

As I mentioned above, it’s best to take your Shiba Inu to dog friendly parks and dog friendly areas as much as possible. Several local parks and dog friendly areas are marked in the links below.


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that Shiba Inus are incredibly shy dogs. For this reason, it is important that we socialize them in a positive way. Socialization will help them to feel at ease and less anxious in any situation. As always, I hope this article helped you.