Dog Training Techniques

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Just as there are a wide variety of dog breeds and dog owners, there is also a variety of dog training techniques for you to choose from. Deciding on the one that will work best for you and your dog is a personal preference, one that you should not take lightly. It will also need to go in line with whatever the trainer prefers, if you hire a trainer. Here are some dog training techniques that many people use. It may help you to be able to decide on the one that will work well with your dog.

The first technique is known as positive reinforcement. This is probably one of the most popular dog training techniques and can be incorporated into almost any style of training. You would use a variety of methods in order to offer this reinforcement from play time to small pieces of a dog treat. The idea behind this type of training is actually very simple. Your dog will react to the positive reinforcement and will become conditioned to the fact that doing the right thing will result in a positive action. If you are using this sort of training you should never use any negative reinforcement. This would be counterproductive and may even cause your dog to stop listening to you in one way or another.

Another one of the dog training techniques that you may want to choose is known as clicker training. This is another way of providing positive reinforcement, although in a different way. The clicker is actually sounded as the dog is being rewarded for it’s good behavior. Eventually the reward is removed but only after the dog has established that the clicking sound is a reward, or the signal for a reward. This type of training works well but it is not liked by all who are into dog training. You will have to make this personal decision yourself.

Although there are many different dog training techniques for you to choose from, it isn’t always necessary for you to choose one and one only. Try taking the best out of the ones that you choose and incorporate it into your own personal training. Just remember that positive reinforcement will work well, however it is administered.