Shiba Inu Chewing

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Although you may feel that your puppy’s chewing is harmful to you and you want to stop it, but the fact is that chewing is not unnatural. So it is very unnatural to expect a nil Shiba chewing. Chewing very much relates to mind. When puppies find themselves in boring situation they chew. Teething is also in the back ground of chewing. All it means that there is nothing which is required to relate to stopping chewing absolutely. Here the whole focus is on shifting the chewing from your useful things carpet couch etc to your puppy’s personal things like toys and bones etc.

Reasons to stop Shiba Chewing

Usually, when the puppy is young and starts chewing, many owners think that it is all okay to let her chew anything as it does not seem harmful to them at this time. On the contrary, many do not allow chewing at all and yell at chewing. This yelling confuses the puppies and it leads to many behaviour problems in future. The best is to adopt the mid way. Allow them chewing but help to reconise what is okay to chew and what is not.

The Right Way to Stop Shiba Chewing

When you are on the way to controll the chewing habits of your puppy, you must keep in your brain that you will not yell, beat, hit them. Does not matter how raging your anger be, you should not punish them. Otherwise you will be simply confusing them and they will new know what wrong they have done and why are you punishing them. Instead,follow the following guidelines.

Adjusting Behaviour

On the contrary to prevent your puppy from chewing on your useful items, you educate her to chew on her personal toys and bones etc. ment for chewing. For example if your puppy started chewing on your shoes, simply give her her toy to chew. She will stop chewing your shoes and will begin chewing on the stimulating toy and will learn what is good chewing and what is bad chewing. So convert your Shiba chewing to Shiba okay chewing.

Let Your Shiba Remain Engaged

Puppies chew when they feel that they are getting bored. What they get from chewing in main is there time pass. For them it is similar to getting through a filmy magazine. So you should manage for them plenty of alternatives to keep them active. You can provide them a variety of good attractive toys. Engage them in regular sufficient exercises and other games. So to conrol Shibas chewing when they are not teething is to make them occupied as much as possible in various possible ways.

Crate Training

Often there are times when you are away from your home. At this time it is best your puppy should be in a crate. So you must have got your puppy crate train. It will make her access limited to your home in your absence. An alternate to it is to put your puppy in a small separate room the aim remains same to minimise her access to your home.

Aversion Sprays

If you find your Shiba chewing your useful things like shoes, socks, carpets etc., you can use some sprays having bad taste for her to spray on the items to avoid their destruction by your puppy chewing them. The bad taste of the sprays (Bitter Apple or Cayenne Pepper etc.) on the things will make your puppy feel that the things are not tasting good and hence stop chewing taking it as not okay chew.

No doubt that the chewing is one of the quite normal behaviours of the puppies, but chewing on your fingers or other possessions should be never allowed. If you get them chewing them, redirect it to something else.


If you want to control your Shiba chewing in reality then you never forget to be consistent. Never allow your puppy to chew on the things you do not want she should do. Try your best to keep the things away which you donot want to be chewed by her. Never give them stuffed animals as to use as toys otherwise they will never come to distinguish between okey chew stuffed animal and none okey chew ones. You must prove yourself as an exacting owner laying down very hard rules to be really followed. The time will come when really you have controlled your Shiba Inus chewing.