10 Most Popular Dog Names and the Story Behind Them

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Are you a new owner of a lovely dog? It is exciting to bring home a new member of the family. Now the big questions is what is the name? Often, families choose a name even before they bring the cute bundle home but many people also prefer to wait to see what characteristics the dog has before picking that perfect name. There are a number of ways to pick the perfect name for a dog, picking favorite literary characters, picking more predictable dog names and naming the dog after certain characteristics.

What you would like to call your new dog? Jackey, Tony, Arther or Tiger may be? Wait, do you think that the name has no particular effect and is usually selected without any reference to background? It is now always the case. Dogs have been the favorite pet animals for so many years by the humans – even in the prehistoric ages. So it is no surprise that the names of the dogs are now being transferred from one generation to another. Also there are many names that evolved from movies and TV shows. So a name could have significant background. Let us look at ten popular dog names and some history behind them.


The first name in our list is “Teddy” which is being used widely in America. There are certainly many stories regarding the origin of this name but most probably it is named after Teddy Kennedy remembering his service to the nation. The name is most popular in the areas of Boston and Wellesley. The name is mostly used for cute looking puppies that are not aggressive in nature.


The name is probably most widely used name in the regions of Asia like Pakistan and India. Talking about the origin we get many different stories since the name is pretty much old and has been in use for a long long time. It is known that the name was common in the days of British rule in many countries in Asia which are now independent.


One of the most common name round the world. Since it means “friend” it very much suits the nature of a pet like dog. The name is very widely used by the author of the book “A Dog’s purpose”. The author first used the name Toby, Bailey, Ellie followed by Bear and at the end he used Buddy. The name is strong when it attaches the emotional strings with a person. It is mostly used in the United States and United Kingdom.


The next in the list seems to be “Lucy” known for use with a less aggressive dog. The origin of the name is not exactly known but perhaps some movie paved the way for it. The name seems to be fitting for a friendly dog. Some people do consider it old fashioned but many are still using it to call their animal friend.


The name has emotional strings attached to it. For anyone who have seen the movie “Angel dog” the name is not new. In the movie the main actor tried to live his life with the help of his pet named Cooper after the man lost his whole family in an accident. The movie was released in 2011. It encouraged many to name their pet after the great dog performing in the movie.


The next name in our list is Duke. As you might have guessed, it is commonly used for hard and rigid dogs like German shepherd which are intelligent, strong and sharp – all at the same time. The name is used in the movies and television industry and has evolved mostly by people’s own interpretations and usage. This name also fits for a big watch dog kept for security or guarding purposes.


The name seems to have an Irish origin. The name is used because of the blonde appearance of beautiful and cute dogs from Ireland. The name then made its way through the borders and spread to United Kingdom and United states. The name is used for both male and the female dogs of different breeds.


The next in list is one strong name Arthur with ancient origin. It is a name being used in the movies a lot. There were several kings in the Roman Empire named as Arthur. Some people name their dogs in reference to that while there are many who use this name because of its appearance in the movie ”Beginners” where a young boy with a dog named “Arthur” had to deal with knowing about the last stage cancer of his father. The movie was released in 2010 starring Ewan McGregor. The name is most widely used in America and United Kingdom.


The name has a highly emotional story behind it and is leading the chart these days. He was the pet of Odysseus who lived in the Roman Empire. The owner left for war and other travel and came back after 20 years. It has been so long that no one recognized the soldier but only Argos, the faithful pet, who was 20 years old at that time. When he saw his owner and friend, Argos moved his tail and then died on the spot.


The name though new to many people but has certainly increased in its positive reviews recently because of the history of the name. It is a story of a dog named Bobby who got separated from his family in the year 1923. The family searched for him as they were travelling but never found him. It was more than 6 months later when Bobbie, after covering 2800 miles of distance, found his owners and returned to them.