My Shiba Inu Sleeps All Day

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So your dog is sleeping too much? You are worried and want to know what might be the cause?

Just like for us humans, when it comes to sleep it’s never easy to give an answer thats fit all the possible scenarios.

Keep on reading and we will go into depth how much your Shiba Inu should sleep, 

How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?

A normal dog can sleep anywhere from 12-14 hours per day.

Dogs sleep consists of several naps during the day and a longer stretch of sleep during the night. As a dog gets to its later part of life, it might need even more rest due to health and because of their mind and body tire a lot quicker. Another factor that can regulate how much your dog sleeps is its weight. An overweight dog tends to be less exercised and sleep more.

Just like their fellow humans, dogs need their sleep to keep their brains healthy. 

When both we and our four-legged friends go into our long sleep, we enter REM-sleep, which is the most vital part of our sleep. In this phase of sleep, our bodies restore tissues, strengthen our immune system, and process information.

shiba in bed

Why Does My Dog Sleep So Much?

Shibas really loves too sleep, you shouldnt be that worried as long as it’s under 16 hours a day.

As the dog gets older it will choose sleeper over playtime and toys. You’ll start to miss it when it was a puppy. That’s why people often tell you to enjoy the time when your dog is still a pup.

Even though your dog might really love too sleep it’s important not to let it get sedentary.

Shiba Inus are originally breed for hunting and they really need their excierce to stay healthy.

For female Shibas you need to be alert after their heat as sometimes they get pseudopregnant, it usually manifests 45-60 days after the heat. Their bodies think that they are having puppies and start to produce all the hormones associated with having puppies, some will even start to produce milk. During this period the female can get lethargic and don’t want to do anything else than sleep.
You might think your dog is depressed but she is saving all her energy for the puppies (that arent not coming). 

The only real solution for getting your dog not to act like this is to spay it.

One thing to look out for are infections and parasites. A dog that got parasite or an infection might not sleep enough during the night, so it will be more tired during the daytime.
Remember to deworm your dog regularly, if you áre unsure on how often talk to your veterinary.
Dental issues are another thing to look out for, we all know that we can be lacking in sleep if we have a sore tooth.

sleepy shiba puppy

How Much Sleep Does a Shiba Inu Puppy Need?

Puppies are known to need a lot more sleep than a young or adult dog. But this is not really the case with Shibas.
When we got our puppy, she didn’t sleep that much. The energy was always high. The familiar stories of puppies falling asleep mid playtime never happened to her. It wasn’t until she passed her first heath she started to sleep like a more “normal” dog.

Shiba Inu puppies are filled with energy and can sometimes it’s just a little harder to get them to fall asleep.

During the period when you are housebreaking your puppy it might be you that want to sleep more during the day. Most Shibas are already housebroken when they move in with you and you seldom have accidents inside your home.