Exercise for the Shiba Inu Breed

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Shiba Inus are agile and active dogs. They need to have plenty of exercise each day in order to keep them healthy. Shibas range in size but are typically compact and muscular dogs that weigh up to about 25 pounds. A certain amount of daily exercise is paramount to good health and good temperament.

Starting when your Shiba is a puppy you will need to train him. Training is important to giving your Shiba the exercise he needs. He must be able to walk on a leash and most importantly be able to socialize with other dogs or people that he may encounter. Since the Shiba’s temperament in somewhat protective and can be demanding it is important to socialize your puppy from an early age. This will allow you to be able to exercise your Shiba more freely.

Shibas need lots of room to run and play. Ideally they need a fenced yard where they can play and run without a leash. The Shiba is very family oriented, however, and craves time spent with his people. You’ll want to spend some time each day taking your dog for a walk. Since Shibas were originally bred as hunting dogs they love a good game of fetch.

Shibas are smart dogs and learn quickly. They thrive on routines so it’s best to set up a daily routine that you can stick to. This includes daily exercise. Make sure that you establish daily walks with your Shiba from an early age. Shibas are sturdy and have a lot of stamina. They like to play catch, sometimes for long periods of time. They enjoy playing in the outdoors but should not be left outside. Shibas love to be part of the family. In fact they sometimes think that they own the family!

A regular exercise routine should be established even as a puppy. When playing with your Shiba avoid games where they bite. Shibas love to chew things and they like to play with people’s hands. Don’t play games that encourage this behavior such as tug of war. Children should be taught the proper way to play with a puppy. Never approach a dog in a mean way or as if to hit the dog and of course never strike a dog. This can cause a dog to become more aggressive.

If you have children your Shiba will want to be right in the middle of all the action. Training is important and should start at an early age. Shibas can be somewhat aggressive and want their own way. It is important to understand these tendencies and to train the puppy to obey commands and to walk on a leash as early as possible. Keeping your Shiba exercised will help to curb some of the aggressive behavior that can sometimes happen. Shibas are very territorial and make good guard dogs. You’ll want to ensure that they listen especially when you have guests.

Always provide plenty of fresh water for your pet especially after exercising. If you take the dog on long walks be sure to bring along a portable dog water kit so you can provide water quickly.