The Native Japanese Dog Breeds

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Are you a dog enthusiast searching for a unique dog breed for yourself? Or, are you already a pet parent wanting to understand more about your distinctive dog breed from Japan? Well, you must know that every country has its own unique breed of dogs. But, there is not much information about the native Japanese dog breeds on the Internet.

Don’t worry because this article is dedicated to telling as much as possible about the native Japanese dog breeds. So, keep on reading till the end.

Akita Inu

akita inu

If you prefer a distinctively powerful dog appearance, Akita Inu is the perfect dog breed. The dogs of this breed are big and bold with a rugged, confident stance. No one would dare mess with you when you are accompanied by the Akita Inu dog breed. Is this dog violent? If this question popped up in your mind. Then let me tell you that the Akita Inu dog breed is generally adorable and affectionate towards your family members and you, of course. You would be surprised when you see them getting along so well with your family just after you brought him/her home. Plus, it will definitely amaze you when you notice the friendliness of this dog breed with those whom he/she knows as your family or friend.

Let us turn our attention towards some of the Akita Inu breed’s characteristics –


Your Akita Inu, is a sensitive dog breed, which means he is less likely to adapt well to noisy, chaotic households. However, Akita Inu is perfect for you if you are living where the weather is cold. The double coat of Akita Inu helps tolerate cold better rather than hot weather.

Health and physical features

Your furry friend sheds a lot of body hair and also drools a lot undoubtedly. This puts him in the category of breeds that are not at all easy to groom. You may notice some weight gain in your masculine Akita Inu. He/she is always ready for a game. So, you will need a strenuous exercise regime for this beautiful dog breed with wanderlust potential.

Hokkaido Inu

Are you interested in petting one of the oldest dog breeds? If yes, then Hokkaido Inu is the one for you. Dog experts believe that this native Japanese dog breed is the most primitive of all the Japanese dogs. Some Hokkaido Inu may even have a blue or black colored tongue. Isn’t it interesting? The coat’s primary colors are black, red, white, brindle, and black and tan. You will feel safe when under the surveillance of this ever-vigilant dog, who can notice anything out of the ordinary.

Let us take a look at some of the Hokkaido Inu’s characteristics.

Friendliness and adaptability

Hokkaido Inu’s fur coat are thick due to which it can easily tolerate cold weather. This dog breed is a perfect performer when it comes to all-around friendliness. The breed will be affectionate with your family and kids as soon as he or she gets time to know who’s who. But, their friendliness is slightly lower when it comes to tolerating other dogs and when someone apart from family visits you.

Health and physical features

This easy to train dog breed possesses a prey drive. They are going to chase any small animal that whizzes by them. If you have a busy schedule and only take him for walks, this breed is for you. Because they do not gain weight quickly, but a dormant life is also not recommended for this working dog breed.

Kai Ken

Kai ken

The daring look of this native Japanese dog breed attracts every dog lover towards him. But, looks can be deceiving. You wouldn’t believe that Kai ken is such great companion dogs if you just look at him. Yes, they are affectionate and quiet dogs.

Let us take a look at some of the essential features of the devilishly charming Kai ken:

Friendliness and adaptability

Once you bring a Kai ken home, you will notice that he/she is an incredible companion of toddlers. The dog is not aggressive, even if your child is a robust one. Besides, this dog can quickly adapt to every weather condition, whether hot or cold. And, they can adapt well to other dog breeds also.

Health and physical features

This native Japanese dog breed has high energy levels. So, they would need a daily regime of walks with few good active play sessions.

Kishu Ken

Foxy! I can guarantee that this particular word will pop up in your mind as soon as you set your eyes on a Kishu Ken. This native Japanese dog breed is usually displayed with white fur. But, Kishu Ken does grow some variety of fur colors, including brindle and red.  

Let us quickly go through some of the features of adorable Kishu Ken.

Friendliness and adaptability

Kishu ken are an excellent, calm companion of kids. However, unlike Kai Ken, you need to teach your kids about safe interaction with Kishu Ken. This native Japanese dog breed does not tolerate cats and other small mammals in the house, and often, they prefer to be the only pet in the house.

Health and physical features – Kishu ken is a highly intelligent dog breed, making them ideal for training. This dog has a medium energy level, so a good half-hour walks are enough exercise for him.  

Shikoku Ken

File:Shikoku dog.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

You might confuse Shikoku Ken with a wolf! This native Japanese dog breed is often called a Japanese Wolf-dog. You can choose your Shikoku Ken from several colors viz red, black, sesame-red, and sesame- black.   

Let us know some essential features of a Shikoku Ken.

Friendliness and adaptability  

Shikoku Ken are a brave, cautious, and temperate breed. So, they must be trained when they are pups. If not properly socialized, this dog could become overly aggressive. But with proper training, your Shikoku Ken can take a lead role within a family. But, children must respect the dog; thus, playtime with small children is not ideal.

Health and physical features

A Shikoku ken could be quiet indoors but loves outdoor activities. They are needed to be taken out for a walk or jog daily because basically, they are hunting dogs.

Shiba Inu

shiba inu in grass

Shiba Inu is a small-sized native Japanese dog breed. The spirited personality of the Shiba makes him an ideal companion dog breeds for adults. Training a Shiba Inu could seem challenging, but this intelligent dog breed learns quickly!

Let us understand some more characteristics of the Shiba Inu dog breed.

Friendliness and adaptability 

This dog breed is well-known for its possessiveness. This dog does not understand the concept of sharing, whether it’s about toys, foods, or territory. This characteristic trait makes them incompatible with kids. However, they behave well with the adults they know. 

Health and physical features

Despite being a small dog, Shiba Inu needs a lot of room to romp. This active dog breed would need daily walks or jogs for an hour or so.

cream shiba inu

Final words

All of these native Japanese dogs are very active and full of energy. You will love the company of any of these dogs. They are ferociously loyal to their owners as well. The only thing you need to check is that you purchase a pure breed of these dogs.