Shiba Inu Rescues

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Shiba Inus are sometimes abandoned or brought to shelters. There are many reasons why a Shiba may be unwanted. The most likely cause is that the owners got the Shiba without doing enough research about the breed beforehand. Without the proper training the Shiba can become more aggressive and temperamental. Many families underestimate the time and expense that a dog will take and unfortunately dogs sometimes are neglected. Shibas thrive in loving home environments where they get plenty of attention. Even adults can be successfully trained.

There are Shiba Inu rescue groups that operate throughout the United States. Most belong to the National Shiba Rescue organization. This group and its affiliates help to teach people about Shibas to avoid having them abandoned. They also help to rescue Shibas and help to place them in good homes. It also provides support to those who have rescued Shibas.

If you are interested in adopting a rescue dog it can be the best decision you have ever made. Rescue dogs are not all problem dogs as many people think. Instead they are often just the product of a poor decision. There are many advantages to choosing a rescue dog over a puppy. A rescue Shiba may be your perfect choice if you don’t have the time to spend housetraining a puppy. Puppies take much more energy and work than an adult dog does.

If you get a Shiba from a rescue organization you are giving a new life to your pet. The first step after you get a rescue dog is a trip to the vet. Your vet will be able to give your new dog a thorough examination and ensure that it is healthy. Most adult Shibas will do best if they don’t have other pets to deal with at home. You’ll want to start training you dog immediately so that there is an understanding that you are the leader and must be obeyed. Shibas tend to have a mind of their own sometimes. Adult Shibas may be harder to train than puppies because they are set in their ways. If this is the case for you consider getting a dog trainer to assist you. Make sure the trainer has had experience in training Shibas because they may be more stubborn than some other breeds.

Whenever you bring a new dog home never let it alone with children. You need to assess the behavior of the dog. Even if the dog seems good-natured this can change in an instant if the dog feels threatened in any way. Shibas make natural guard dogs and will take care of their families. You may want to consider crate training your Shiba. This is helpful when guests come over since the Shiba may respond negatively towards people he doesn’t know.

There are many great Shiba Inu dogs waiting for new homes. If you are interested in adopting one you can find the local chapter of the National Shiba Rescue organization. They can assist you in finding the perfect Shiba for you and your family.