Mame Shiba Inu: The miniature Shiba

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mame shiba inu

The term “mame” refers to a bean in Japanese culture. Regular Shiba Inu dogs are moderately sized. But, Mame Shiba Inu is a tiny version of the standard-sized Shiba Inu. The Shiba Inu breed has an exciting personality type and can make great companions for various owners. Shiba Inu are relatively easy to care for, but you need to be prepared to deal with their complex personality.

There are several factors to consider when considering if you should get a Mame Shiba Inu. If you’ve been wondering about whether or not a Mame Shiba Inu is right for you, continue reading to find out more.

Detailed Breakdown of Mame Shiba Inu

People have many questions related to Mame Shiba Inu and how they’ve come into existence. Rightfully so, because they’re a relatively unique breed. Like with any dog breed, it’s essential to educate yourself about their behavior traits and characteristics to ensure you’ll be able to care for them adequately.

Before we go in-depth, an interesting fact you should know is that Mame Shiba Inu comes in 4 primary coat colors. Here are the four coat colors that Mame Shiba Inu come in:

  1. Black
  2. Sesame
  3. Red
  4. White / Cream

The coat color of your Mame Shiba Inu doesn’t have any bearings on their personality or their required care. Find out more about Mame Shiba Inu by looking at the questions below.

What is a Mame Shiba Inu?

Mame Shiba Inu is the pedigree of Shiba Inu that is significantly smaller than normal Shiba Inu. But, the Japan Kennel Club, which is an incorporated association for Japanese dogs, classifies Mame Shiba Inu as a formal dog breed. The term “mame” is a Japanese adjective, meaning “small,” which is a nod to the hugely decreases the Mame Shiba Inu breed’s size.

In short, Mame Shiba Inu are the smaller versions of regular sizes Shiba Inu.

What Does Mame Shiba Inu Mean?

The term “Mame” is derived from a Japanese adjective that means small like a bean. When you hear the word “Mame Shiba Inu,” it means Small Shiba Inu. Regular or “normal” Shiba Inu are relatively large in size, so the phrase “Mame Shiba Inu” is used to denote the smaller version of the regular Shiba Inu breed.

Are there mini Shiba Inus?

Yes, there are mini Shiba Inu, which is precisely what Mame Shiba Inu is. If you’re looking for a miniature Shiba Inu, you need to search for a Mame Shiba Inu.

How small is a Mame Shiba?

On average, Mame Shiba Inu are 35-50% smaller than their “normal-sized” predecessors. Fully grown Mame Shiba Inu tend to weigh in the range of 10-14 pounds, which is really light, making them easy to carry around and show off. Mame Shiba Inu tend to be about 11″ tall when fully developed, significantly less than a full-grown Shiba Inu.

Where Did Mame Shibas Come From?

There is no concrete evidence to prove this point; however, it’s generally believed that Mame Shiba Inu originated in Japan. Japanese people love small dog breeds like Chihuahuas and other dog breeds that are small by nature. Many believe that the Mame Shiba Inu started in Japan, given the existing canine culture.

Experienced Shiba Inu breeders do not like the practice of breeding Mame Shiba Inu due to the potential health risks undergoing the process will cause. This is something to consider before buying a Mame Shiba Inu as a pet. Because of their unique nature, Mame Shiba Inu are reserved for backyard breeders.

If you do get one of these dogs, make sure you consider the various health risks they carry.

What’s the price of a Mame Shiba puppy?

On average, Mame Shiba Inu cost between $800-$1,500 for the puppies. Several factors impact the final price you pay for a Mame Shiba Inu. Here are some of the primary factors that determine how much your Mame Shiba Inu will cost:

  • Method Of Adoption
  • Where You But Them
  • Pedigree
  • Age
  • Size

It would help if you considered all these different variables when purchasing a Mame Shiba Inu to ensure you’re making the right decision. Even though Mame Shiba Inu is already small, they still have puppies.

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Should you get one?

Mame Shiba Inu is a miniature version of normal Shiba Inu, which many people have issues with. If you’re also someone who has a problem with how Mame Shiba Inu achieve their size, you should probably choose another breed.

However, if you have no problem with the shrinking process involved with Shiba Inu, they make an excellent pet for several reasons. For starters, the Shiba Inu breed has a very long and storied history dating back to the early Japanese empires. The dogs were commonly used as hunting dogs and watchdogs when they first originated. Now, they’re more so used as interior house dogs for companionship purposes due to their loyal and loving nature.

The Mame Shiba Inu, given its size, isn’t really an excellent option for a home protection dog. But, if you’re looking for a fun-loving pet that is easy to take care of and requires relatively little emotional support, they’re a great choice. Since Mame Shiba Inu are an offspring of the regular Shiba Inu breed, they are known to have health problems.

If you’re interested in getting one, make sure you keep this in mind as you may be responsible for veterinarian bills down the line. There are no regulations for Mame Shiba Inu since they’re an unrecognized dog breed.


The Mame Shiba Inu is an exciting and fun dog. While they have very few downsides, the ones that exist can be polarizing issues for those involved in professional dog breeding. Use the information in this article so you can make an educated decision about whether Mame Shiba Inu is right for you or not.