Dog Breeds That Go Well With Shiba Inus

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The best dog breeds for a Shiba Inu should be one that is calm and laid-back. This type of dog will allow the Shiba Inu to take the lead in their interactions with other dogs, which is important as this breed can be very dominant with other dogs.

For this reason, terriers are often said to be a good match for a Shiba Inu and many terriers mixes also do well. Mixed breeds with a gentle, loving disposition are often good choices for the Shiba Inu. If you own a Shiba Inu, it is important to introduce any new pet to the family slowly with careful supervision. No dog should be left alone unsupervised with a Shiba Inu and especially not other dogs.

I would suggest providing lots of positive attention and giving your Shiba treats to help endear the new dog to him/her.

Here are some breed that will be good companions to your Shiba Inu:


Pugs have been popular throughout history and their exaggerated appearance is well-suited for Shiba Inus. These dogs have an excellent, calm temperament and can be left alone with a Shiba Inu in most cases. Pugs are also extremely affectionate and are quite small (at only 10 to 16 pounds.)

However, while Pugs can be left alone with a Shiba Inu, they should not be trusted with smaller pets such as birds or hamsters. These types of pets are easy targets for a playful Pug who could really injure them through rough play.


The Beagle is a small hound with a laid-back personality and a playful attitude. These dogs are often used as pets as well as hunting and tracking dogs for both land and water-based animals. Their size (only 16 to 35 pounds) makes them easy to handle while hunting, but also makes them suitable for the home.

The Shiba Inu should be supervised around small animals and hamsters, but it is not a problem for Beagles to roam off-leash with a Shiba Inu. Enroll in obedience classes with your Shiba to help teach them about other dogs and how to exercise good social boundaries with other dogs.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most well-known dog breeds in the world. They are known for their obedience, athleticism, and the loyalty they show towards their owners.

They are also extremely affectionate and love humans. As with their larger Labrador Retriever cousins, Golden Retrievers will not be aggressive or overly protective around smaller animals but are also not going to let them wander off-leash either.

Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is one of the working dogs native to Scotland and is often used as a herding dog for sheep and other livestock such as cattle. While this breed is also easily socialized with other dogs, they are considered to be independent and most prefer to keep a low profile. These are excellent dogs for the Shiba Inu as they will not be over-enthusiastic around him/her but will also allow him/her enough space to run around.


Dachshunds, though not really known for their intelligence, are extremely friendly and loyal towards people as well as other animals such as cats and birds. They are also incredibly affectionate and generally respond well to training.

The Dachshund should be the leader of the pack and not allowed to claim a dominant position with your Shiba Inu. Make sure, if you introduce the Dachshund to your Shiba Inu, that they are supervised always as this breed can be mischievous and chewy.

Basset Hound

The Basset is well-known for its gentle temperament as well as its ability to stay calm in an emergency situation. These dogs are often called Sweethearts, as they are very friendly towards other people and pets. The Basset has a medium size (15 to 25 pounds) making them good for taking on any kind of walk with the Shiba Inu.

As with any dog, the Basset must be supervised around small animals and birds. Even though the Shiba Inu and the Basset may be similar in temperament, they will still just be two different dogs and of course, very importantly, should not be left alone together.

American Eskimo

Also called the Eskimo Dog or Alaskan Husky, the American Eskimo is a medium-sized breed that will have a gentle temperament towards most other animals and people. These dogs are also incredibly fast dogs and love to run alongside their masters.

The Shiba Inu will probably not care for a lot of exercise as they are an independent breed and may misbehave if they are put in a situation where they need to stay home all day. However, this is not an issue as the Eskimo Dog can tolerate being left alone and will be a great companion for your Shiba Inu.