Can Shibas Be Service Dogs?

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shiba service dog

When you first think of a service dog you will likely think of a specific breed and size dog. But in actuality, any dog can be a service dog if they are trained properly. With that being said,  there are some dogs that are better fit to be service dogs because of their temperament.

According to the American with Disabilities act (ADA), “is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability”.

It’s important to understand that while there is not a specific breed requirement for service dogs, your dog should be calm, intelligent, and not be resistant to training.

Shiba Inu traits

The Shiba Inu is a medium-sized dog that is described as an active, loyal, and smart breed that learns fairly quickly. While being highly intelligent is a great thing when it comes to training, it can also make things a little more challenging.

With training any pup, it’s recommended to start as young as possible. This way they will not develop destructive or naughty habits that could be hard to break.

You may be asking yourself, what characteristics do Shibas have that make them good service dogs?

First of all, their size is great for people who don’t want to adopt a larger breed dog. Shibas are classified as medium-sized which makes them able to complete tasks needed for their human’s disability.

On the other hand, they are not so large that it’s difficult to walk them or get them acclimated with apartment living.

Real life experience

Two Shiba Inu service dog parents were interviewed and shared their stories about successfully training their dogs to be service animals. In this article, both pet parents explained that Shibas can absolutely be service dogs.

They both wen through separate training programs and said that it was a wonderful experience for both their pups – and themselves. They also mentioned that in both of their training programs their dogs were never treated differently because they weren’t the typical service dog breed.

One of the pet parents even said: “Most importantly, if you’re having fun through the process and give your dog your heart, they will return that love tenfold by bonding with and trying to please you. Especially if your dog is a Shiba..”.

Why do you need a service dog?

The purpose of having a service dog is to have assistance in daily tasks that might be more difficult due to your disability. Both of the pet parents in the interview above said that through the process of training their pup, they were able to become more liberated to do things their disability stole from them.

In addition to this, you also get the mental health benefits of having an animal as well. Animals are a wonderful way to improve our mental health because they offer unconditional love and loyalty. On top of that, when you’re discussing service dogs they are also trained to help your physical health.

What is a Service Dog?

A guide dog for the blind, a hearing dog for the deaf or hard of hearing, a service dog for veterans with PTSD, and more – these are all examples of service dogs. What they have in common is that they help to provide independence to people with disabilities who might otherwise be unable to function. There are many different types of service dogs and their legal classification has been subject to fluctuating interpretation over time. This article seeks to define the term “service dog” and explain when service dogs are exempt from certain laws that restrict dogs in public places.

As a general rule, Federal law does not provide any protection for service animals. However, each state is free to go beyond the Federal laws and develop its own laws concerning such things as public access and discrimination. Therefore, legal protections afforded to people with disabilities through their use of a service dog may vary from state to state.

What Is a Therapy Dog?

Therapy or emotional support dogs are dogs that provide comfort and companionship to people, usually those who suffer from health-related stress or trauma. They are defined as dogs that have been individually trained to support and assist people who have disabilities or who have some form of mental health problems. This is in contrast to household pets, which are generally referred to as pet therapy animals, which do not require extensive training and have been specifically bred for companionship.

Any dog can be a service dog, but choosing a Shiba Inu is a choice you will not regret.