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About this breeder:

My name is Donna Gonzalez I live in Maple Valley, Washington and I breed and show German Shepherds as well as Shiba Inu's. I've been working with the German Shepherds for 20 years and the Shiba Inus for 5 years. I have also handled for other breeds of dogs for friends and clients.

I have always loved dogs and had finally convinced my parents when I was 15 to let me get a dog, his name was Champ and he was a mixed breed,we loved him dearly. That was the start of my love for dogs and then when I got my own home (after Champ pasted) I was able to get another dog, this time my husband and I got a German Shepherd named Juno and Golden Retriever named Shotz. They were great family dogs and that was the start of the German Shepherds. Then one day while out driving I saw a sign for German Shepherds and had to go see. I did get another German Shepherd and have grown since becoming involved in showing and breeding. I ended up becoming a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of WA ST and have been involved for many years, I have served at President and Vice President. I then joined the National club , German Shepherd Dog Cub of America, and I also joined the other local club the German Shepherd Dog Club of the Pacific Northwest and have also been President and Vice president for that club too.

While I was watching a litter of Shiba Inus for a friend I fell in love with them. I got my first shiba from Cheryl Mamiya and was totally in love with the breed. My first venture into the breed started with Luna, she is my first Shiba champion and she still is living with us and having adorable puppies. I love showing them and currently have 3 champions and working on others.
I am a member of The National Shiba Inu Club of America.

Sunrise Kennel

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