Shiba Inu in Washington

Kawako Shibas

About this breeder:

We are Cheri Fellinger & Marcel Marckelbach the proud owners of Kawako Shiba Inus.
We are the humble stewards of this wonderful breed with a small breeding program focusing on temperament, trainability, health & beauty.

We are located between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.
Our dogs are primarily our family pets but they are also beautiful, well trained show dogs.
There's absolutely no reason why a dog can't be both.
We have been training & showing dogs for nearly 40 years and we have the experience to produce well bred, properly raised and socialized puppies, youngsters and trained adult dogs.
Most of all it is our pleasure to place our healthy, happy, quality Shiba puppies in the loving homes of the wonderful individuals and families we get to meet while pursuing our passion.

Kawako Shibas

What Does a Shiba Inu Cost? – Shiba Inu Price

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The Complete Guide to the Shiba Inu

Selecting, Preparing For, Training, Feeding, Raising, and Loving Your New Shiba Inu

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