Allergies in Shibas – Common Dog Allergies

Allergy in dogs occurs when the body’s immune system overreacts to allergy antibodies in substances (in the environment) that it normally would withstand. The most common allergies are airborne allergies, so-called atopic dermatitis, and food allergies. Dogs can also develop contact allergy. In some cases, you can not find the exact allergy. Allergy manifests as …

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Adopt a Rescue Dog

If you’re thinking about giving a dog a home, you may like to adopt a rescue dog from an animal shelter. Not only would you be doing the dog a big favor (chances are, you’ll have saved his life), but you’d be helping out the shelter enormously.  All around the USA, animal shelter resources are …

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Names For a Cream Shiba Inu

cream shiba inu

Angel Aspen Avalanche Blizzard Bunny Calla lily Casper Chardonnay Chilly Chowder Coconut Cottonball Cottontail Crystal Dove Eskimo Everest Frosty Ice Ice Ice Baby Icee Iceland Icicle Icing Igloo Ivory Jack Frost January Jon Snow Khaleesi Marshmallow Milky Moonlight Olaf Opal Pearl Polar Bear Porcelain Powder Powder Puff Riesling Snow Snow Cap Snow White Snowball Snowflake …

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