Akita Inu Dog Breed History, Facts, & Information Summary

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The Akita is a Japanese breed from the mountainous northern region. The dog is named for Akita Prefecture, which is a subnational jurisdiction of Japan and where the breed originated. Akita Prefecture is a cold, rugged area of Japan and most likely where the breed developed its strength against cool climates.

The breed is known as the Akita Inu, Akita, or Japanese Akita.

The breed has small dark triangular eyes, a bear like head, and erect triangular ears. Being a northern breed, their appearance is warm and cozy. Their coats are double thick, they have strong knuckled cat-like feet, and a bushy tail that swoops and curls over their back, similar to the German Spitz’s and Pomeranian’s tail. Males weigh in at 100-135 lbs, and are 26-28 inches tall. Females weigh 70-100 lbs. and 24-26 inches tall.

The Akita is brave, alert, and takes pride in everything they do, their owners should do the same and show their pride for their Akita with Akita Stickers. They are faithful and kind with family and friends. Because of the breed’s background, they can be untrustworthy and difficult to train, but with love and repetition, the Akita can become a well trained dog and become a great worker. The breed is socially dominant therefore caution should be taken when involving other dogs, especially unknown or unfamiliar dogs. Without a confident, persistent, and calm submissive trainer, the Akita can become dominant and aggressive with other animals.

There are three well known and appreciated historical bookmarks about the Akita. The first was the story of Haichiko, born in 1923, and owned by Professor Ueno. Professor Ueno commuted every day to the train station, and Hachiko joined him in his travels. One day Ueno suffered a stroke at work, and for the next 9 years Haichiko traveled to and from the station every day in hope of his master’s return. The follow up to this story was made into a movie in 2009 and featured Richard Gere. The movie, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, tells the imagined story of what happened to Haichiko after his master passed.

The second took place in 1931 when the Akita was officially declared a natural monument and treasure of Japan.

The third was the influx of Helen Keller in 1937. She articulated a strong interest in the breed, and was accompanied with the first two Akitas to hit the United States. The first passed away at a young age, but the second was her long time companion. Make the Akita your long time companion that can be with you day in and day out with these Akita Necklaces.

Akitas have become well-known for their courage, devotion, alertness, and protective temperament.